In-Services and Screenings at Schools

Do you have a group of educators that would like more information on prewriting skills or handwriting strategies? We offer a variety of educational experiences for those interested in learning about hand skill development and handwriting strategies. The workshop can be customized to meet your program needs. Please discuss your interests with us so we can make this presentation the most educational for you! The workshop will be at your location. Day and time of the workshop will be discussed individually with you to meet your needs.  We will travel for workshop and demonstration services.  Fees for In-services and workshops will be determined by group size, materials needed, and travel time.

 In-Services to Preschool, school aged and special educators, Administrators and Instructional Assistants

Topics can be individualized for your needs. Suggested topics are:


  • Implementing the Handwriting Without Tears printing and/or cursive curriculum-Bring handwriting into your classroom through play, song, and group activities (specialized content for Preschool and Elementary schools)
  • Understanding the 8 Components of Handwriting
  • PE for the Hands- Education about fine motor and handwriting development, activities for hand development and curriculum enhancement
  • Fine motor, self help skills and handwriting developmental milestones- Strategies to promote your child’s fine motor and prewriting skills
  • Fundamentals of handwriting/tips to improve your child’s handwriting-body awareness, what’s in a capital, starting letters at the top, you have to teach pencil grip


We also do Parent Workshops on these topics.  So, if you want to provide some parent education give us a call today to start the planning.

Screenings at School

This is a specialized service to assess children on their fine motor skills and writing abilities at school. Great for the preschool/Pre-K/Kindergarten aged child. Parents appreciate the insight into their child’s skills and readiness for handwriting.  School provides service and location while parents sign up and make payment. Child screenings are 15 minutes.  Each child will receive a written summary of their skills.  Cost of screening to be discussed with school.