Why Handwriting Coaching?

Handwriting Coaching is a wonderful option to help children who struggle with handwriting. The causes of messy or illegible handwriting are numerous. Handwriting difficulties may be caused by fine motor deficits, visual motor deficits, limited instruction on formation of letters, and/or development of bad habits including how one holds the pencil or forms their letters. Some children do not grow out of their handwriting difficulties, even after years of schooling, and those issues are carried into adulthood. Regardless of why, there is hope for significant improvement because early intervention is key.


Why Ready, Set Write Handwriting Coaching?

Ready, Set, Write! Handwriting Coaching has fun, developmentally age appropriate, multi-sensory activities, games, arts/crafts and gross motor/core exercises to promote handwriting skills. Ready, Set, Write! Handwriting Coaching was created by an Occupational Therapist. An Occupational Therapist’s education, training, and skills provide the foundations for a perceptive and comprehensive handwriting program. After determining the child’s handwriting limitations, from a Formal or Informal assessment, the remediation process can begin. The coaching sessions incorporate activities from Occupational Therapy principals and repertoire of skills, as well as aspects of the Handwriting Without Tears® program. Ready, Set, Write! Handwriting Coaching takes into account the child’s motor and cognitive development, for their given age, to determine the activities used in the coaching sessions. Using this program early in handwriting instruction or remediation process may help to prevent and/or correct future handwriting problems. All of these considerations create a great Handwriting Coaching program.


Using developmentally based curriculum and fun, multi-sensory approach to learning, students can succeed and begin to have pride in their work! Handwriting will become a natural and automatic skill that will enable students to focus on their work rather than how to form the letters.