Handwriting Services

Formal Assessment with consultation

(30 minute assessment with child, formal written report, and 30 minute separate consultation with parent)


Please contact us for fees.

Informal Assessment

(30min assessment with child followed by 15 minute parent consultation)


Please contact us for fees.


Private Coaching


Handwriting coaching sessions can vary in length from 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes.  Time to be determined after meeting with client.


Please contact us for fees.


Small Group Coaching

6 Week Series (teacher/student ratio 1:4)

Group of 4  - Please contact us for fee quote

45 minute session one day a week/six weeks or two times a week/three weeks

Handwriting Camps

A weekly camp session can be held at your home or school!  Camps days will be themed to go along with the letters they will be learning that day.  Host of camp will receive a discount for providing venue.  Gather 3 of your child’s friends and arrange a special camp just for them! Camp could be 1 or 2 hours/day for 5 days, it just depends on the age of the children.  Bring an Enrichment Group or Camp to your school!!

Afterschool Enrichment Groups

To be discussed with school.

School/Classroom Based Services/Screening Services

To be discussed with school.

Consultation Services

For teachers and/or parents- We can discuss these services and come up with a specialized, individualized program based on your needs and wants.


(Please note: While I am a professional in the Occupational Therapy field, my services are considered tutoring and not therapy. Therefore, these services are considered private pay and insurance is not accepted).