Groups & Camps

We conduct After School Enrichment programs (weekly basis) or a camp style program (week session) for either Spring, Fall, or Summer Breaks at schools. All programs are filled with fun, developmentally, age appropriate, multi-sensory activities/games/arts/crafts, and gross motor/exercise to promote handwriting skills. The programs take into account the difference in the cognitive, emotional and social development of the children taught in each age group. We can also do camps at home or other locations. Host of home camp will receive a discount for providing home so gather 3 of your child’s friends and arrange a special camp just for them!


Bring an Enrichment Group or camp to your school!

Ready, Set,...Write! (Pre-K 4-5 years)

Join insects, animals and critters as we travel into the world of Handwriting. Through goal directed play activities, your child develops the skills needed for an appropriate grasp and letter formation. All of the activities are hands-on, interactive and developmentally appropriate for Pre-K children. Some activities may include scissor skills. Child should be able to identify most of their upper case alphabet letters before taking class.

Make It Write! (Kindergarten)

Your child will join butterflies, bunnies, frogs and other critters to build a strong foundation in hand and writing skills. We focus on capital and lower case letters and numbers. The students learn how to use lined writing paper and how to grasp a pencil correctly. We incorporate scissors use as we build fine-motor skills for school success. This class teaches and reinforces the skills children need for successful writing in Kindergarten.

Write On! (Grade 1 and 2)

This class focuses on refining printing skills. Through goal directed gross motor activities the students build visual and motor memory for printing success. We work on neatness, pencil grip, letter formation and speed. Students work on writing sentences with appropriate spacing and sizing.


Fancy Writing-Cursive (Grade 3 and 4)

This class helps students transition into the skill of cursive and guides them into finding a successful unique writing style. Designed to learn and develop cursive skills including developing fast, fluent and legible cursive writing. We will help students to refine letter connections and review all techniques.