Private Coaching

Individualized Handwriting Coaching sessions include:

  • Fun, developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory activities to promote handwriting skills
  • Coaching uses games, arts/crafts, exercise and visual/fine motor manipulatives
  • Individual Instruction
  • Parent education and/or home activity ideas are provided prior to end of session
  • Families agree to work with child 5 minutes/day following individualized home activity ideas provided
  • Tutoring session includes a review of previous sessions work/homework to assess progress, individual instruction time with child, and explanation of recommended home activities prior to end of session
  • Length of session depends on needs and attention span of child
  • If an Assessment has not been conducted prior to first private coaching session then the first session is 60 minutes to assess the child’s skills and to determine the appropriate amount of coaching needed on a weekly basis

Small group sessions (up to 4 children)

We can have a small group of kids gather for weekly handwriting coaching sessions. If children are at same level and/or age. Appropriateness of grouping determined following first session.